Baby Strollers and Prams

stars May 15, 2019 | Martin Johanson

Whether it is a baby stroller or baby pram, the purpose is to offer a convenient and utmost comfy spot for your baby, particularly when you are on the move. 

You can use the baby strollers when you want to go running, or engage in power walks, walk or shop in malls, downtowns, or just explore the neighborhood.

A good stroller or pram can sooth your baby: babies love the movement and fresh air.

Types of Baby Strollers or Baby Prams


Without much ado, there is a pram or stroller type for all situations from traveling to jogging and many more.

Here are the types of baby prams or strollers available on the market to choose from:

The Travel Strollers

This type of pram comes with a baby car seat that fixes into the pram or stroller. With this stroller, you need not wake up your baby or move him from the car to the pram or stroller. 

The Multi-Purpose Pram

The all-purpose baby pram is also referred to as full-size, every day, or normal pram/stroller. Normal baby strollers are perfect for daily activities including going walks in the neighborhood or to the mall. They merge a smooth ride with convenient features such as the storage baskets and cup holders.

The Lightweight Baby Strollers

Just as the names connote, this type of pram/stroller weighs less than your average stroller, making it easier to lift in and out of your car trunk or remove when you are on public transportation. Also, these lightweight prams and strollers normally have a slender profile to more easily pass through contracted doorways and on jam-packed sidewalks. They are ideal for travel.

The Double Pram/Stroller

Double pram/stroller can be of great benefit for children or twins born close together. They are available in single file seats (aka tandem) and the side-by-side seats. 

The Jogging Baby Stroller

Jogging baby strollers/prams are your perfect choice if you love to run. They let you take your baby along for the ride. Jogging prams are exceptionally strong and have suspension systems for effective smoothing out bumpy rides. 

They also feature three wheels in addition to a front wheel that can be fixed in place or swivels, based on whether you need it to be more stable at fast speeds or quickly. Most jogging prams also have hand brakes you can use for slowing on stopping on the downhill.

How to Choose the Right Stroller/Pram for Your Baby


Choosing the right pram/stroller for your baby can be a daunting task as there are quite a lot of great options out there. But if you are thrilled to show your baby to the entire world, you need to look for the perfect pram for him.

Here are the considerations for shopping for the perfect pram for your baby.

The Lifestyle of Your Baby: The pram of your choice must suit the lifestyle of your baby, apart from keeping the baby safe and comfortable. Such a pram must be designed in such a way that it will meet the everyday activities of your baby.

Family Size: A single pram/stroller will work perfectly for you if you want to have many years between your children or you are one and okay family. However, buy a single baby stroller that you can easily change to double pram/stroller or the one that even contains up to three babies if you intend to have an additional baby in the next three years.

The Cost: The best stroller does not have to be expensive. You can get a sturdy pram that suits your needs at a reduced cost if you shop carefully.

Prams are a great way to protect your kids from the heavy rain and scorching heat. Baby strollers make an easy way to carry babies for a long period to offer them the best comfort they need when sleeping. Are you looking for a baby pram/stroller? This is the one for you.