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Are you interested in becoming a professional drone pilot? Great choice! 

The drone industry is growing fast and there is an increasing demand for commercial drone pilots.

The drone market is forecast to grow at a staggering 57.5% over the next seven years. That means the drone industry will be worth an estimated $501.4 billion by 2028. 

A diverse range of industries is starting to see the value in drones and using them to improve productivity. Some common applications of drones are in the energy sector, agriculture, construction, security, and law enforcement.  

If you're looking for an online drone certification then you're in the right place. In this article, we'll discuss how to become a drone pilot and how specialist drone certification can help you create a profitable business.

You love flying your drone and you think it would be great to take it to the next level by starting a drone business. But the idea might overwhelm you. Start a drone business on a solid foundation rather than on a whim. In this online course, you will learn how to create and manage a successful business.

What Do You Need to Become a Drone Pilot?

Before you start a drone business, you'll need to qualify as a licensed drone pilot. Since 2016 the FAA has established Part 107 to deal exclusively with commercial drone use. This is where you can find all the laws and regulations that you'll need to know as a commercial drone pilot.

To earn your drone pilot license you'll need to score 70% or higher on the FAA Part 107 test. The best way to study this information is to take a course with an experienced online drone training company. They will help you prepare for this test by teaching you the required subjects.

You'll need to have an in-depth understanding of various topics related to drone flying. These include things like airspace use, aeronautical charts, meteorology, and the procedures for safely flying drones.

Once you complete this training you'll be ready to take your Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) test.

Learn To Fly Like A Pro: Join Our Online Drone Pilot Certification Course Program & Build A Profitable Business

June 11, 2022 by David Young

Let's get you ready to fly legally. 

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Start A Drone Business From Scratch 

Drone Training

What Is Specialist Drone Training?

Achieving your drone license is only the first step in running a drone business. To find high-paying clients you'll need to complete a specialist drone course. This will give you the skills and certification required to become an expert in your chosen area.

Specialist drone pilot training is available for various drone applications.

These include:

  • Surveying, mapping, and modeling 
  • Drone thermography
  • Multispectrum imaging
  • Drone Photography
  • Drone Videography
  • Cellular tower inspections

For all these applications, you'll need to be proficient at drone flying. The easiest way to learn how to operate your drone is through drone simulator training. In a simulator, you can practice real-world scenarios with no risk to your equipment. 

Then you'll need to take some practical lessons with a drone training instructor. They will show you how to set up your drone for different applications and teach you how to capture the right images. It's vital to know how to produce images that can later be used for drone photogrammetry.

Apart from flying skills, you'll also need to become proficient at using the software involved with producing models and maps. These are the standard deliverable that you'll produce for your clients. It's highly advisable to have a thorough knowledge of these systems before starting your drone business.

What Applications Are There for Drone Pilots?

There are a growing number of industries that use drones. Most of these specialized drone applications have only developed in the last few years. As drone technology and software improve it's likely that we'll be using drones in an increasing number of ways.

Drones are powerful tools for inspecting difficult-to-reach infrastructure. They are used extensively in the energy sector to monitor wind turbines, solar farms, power lines, and gas pipelines. When these drones are combined with thermal cameras they provide more data than a simple visual inspection.

Agriculture is another fast-growing application for drones. Multispectral cameras can diagnose the health of a crop in just a few hours. This information is hugely valuable to farmers to optimize their fertilizer and pesticide use. 

Another area where drones are becoming indispensable is in the production of accurate 3D models. Using software that stitches together thousands of geotagged images, these drones survey buildings and terrain.

They can produce this data more accurately than traditional methods and at a fraction of the cost. 3D models are used extensively in construction, mining, and quarries. 

Drones are also used to produce video and photographic material for the real estate market. Thermal camera drones are often used by search and rescue teams to locate missing people in remote locations. There is a growing interest in using drones for food deliveries.

As you can see, there's a huge demand for drones. Many of these industries have enormous budgets and drones are a low-cost option that can significantly boost their productivity and efficiency. 

How Much Can I Make as a Drone Pilot?

There's a big range when it comes to how much you can charge your clients for drone services. This depends on what type of camera you're using and what post-production software services you offer. Standard video footage costs much less than multispectral mapping or producing 3D models.

At the lower end, you can expect to charge between $150 to $200 per hour for drone services. This goes up to $500 per hour for high-end specialty services. Every drone inquiry requires a unique quote as each task will involve a variety of different factors.

As an entry-level freelance drone pilot, you can expect to make around $40 per hour. With some experience, this goes up to around $50. Once you've got a few years of drone flying under your belt you can expect an hourly rate of around $70 per hour. 

Are You Ready to Become a Professional Drone Pilot? 

The drone industry is growing fast and there's never been a better time to qualify as a professional drone pilot. As more industries discoverer how cost-effective and useful drones are the demand for drone services is only going to increase.

If you're looking for top-quality online drone training then check out ABJ Academy. We have the resources and expertise to train you - from a complete beginner to an advanced specialist.  

Our team of instructors has thousands of hours of experience flying drones in every industry. This means we can provide you with all the necessary skills to become a specialized drone pilot.

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